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About us

B eachhead is a New York-based investment advisory firm focused on delivering hedge fund performance with low fees, daily liquidity and transparency.  Beachhead currently manages in excess of $600 million and is registered with the SEC and CFTC.  In addition, Beachhead publishes extensive research into the drivers of hedge fund performance, industry changes, liquid alternatives and related areas.

Insurance Dedicated Funds (IDF)
We build Insurance Dedicated Funds to enhance tax efficiency of hedge fund portfolios.
Liquid Solutions
We provide – through our Dynamic Beta division – alternative solutions to enhance transparency, liquidity and cost efficiency for hedge fund investors.
Our Research

AMMF: What’s the Value Proposition, Again?

The Value Factor Reconsidered

Merger Arbitrage Replication: Mid-2015 Update

Next Generation Institutional Hedge Fund Investing

Two Unanswered Questions About Alternative Betas

Hedge Fund Replication: A Practitioner’s Scorecard – Has Hedge Fund Replication “Worked”?

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Factor-Based Replication: A Re-examination of Two Key Studies

Liquid Alternatives vs. Hedge Funds: Hype vs Reality

AMMFs Performance Still Weaker Than Expectations

How to Cut Hedge Fund Fees in Half

Part One: The Investor Aggregation Model

How to Cut Hedge Fund Fees in Half

Part Two: The core-Satellite Model

Lies, Damned Lies and Alpha

Why Constraints on Hedge Funds Matter

The Danger of Indices

Hedge Funds and Position Crowding

Tactical Alpha and Persistence in Hedge Fund Returns

The Hedge Fund Fee Conundrum

Performance Drag of AMMFs

Fee Reduction and Alpha Generation

Why Fee Reduction Is The Purest Form of Alpha

Changes in Short Selling

Four Post-Crisis Headwinds

Are CTAs Simply Broken?

A Short Critique

Performance of Emerging Equity Long/Short

The GS VIP Lists

And What They Tell Us About Larger Hedge Funds

A Lack of Rigor in the Hedge Fund “Mirage”

A Technical Deconstruction of the Key Conclusions

Equity Long/Short Post-Crisis

A Structural Analysis of the Decline in Alpha


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